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How to make a cinemagraph

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Cinemagraph premiere pro tutorial free. How to Easily Create a Cinemagraph in Photoshop and Premiere Pro

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Try Adobe Stock and get 10 free images. View all Premiere Pro tutorials. Now we need to find an endpoint in outpoint in our video clip. Two of the most important things you need for making great cinemagraphs are cinemagraph premiere pro tutorial free tripod or solid base for pemiere and a solid or locked-down subject. You should barely notice frde — if at all. And I читать статью see I need to scale it down and come up to my effects controls.


Cinemagraph premiere pro tutorial free. How to Make a Cinemagraph in Premiere Pro (or After Effects)

Below, we’ll go over how to make them in both Premiere Pro and After Effects, because the process is very similar, and because the planning and shooting is. In this video, learn how to assemble a project for a cinemagraph in Adobe Premiere Pro. Start my 1-month free trial. Buy this course ($*).


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Set the sequence in and out points around these two clips at whatever total length you prefer more on this in a bit , turn on the looping playback button in the program monitor and play it back to see how it turned out. If it looks good, proceed to exporting in your chosen format. Add the video layer above the clean plate, duplicate it, and turn off the visibility on the uppermost layer. Mask out the stand on the middle layer and invert it.

The clean plate will fill the hole created by the mask! Next, create frame holds on both of these layers to make them still frames, and turn the visibility on the top layer back on, making it the moving layer. Create a mask on this layer around your movement, just like before, and invert the mask if necessary. If it needs a little more work at the edit point, you can ease the transition with a dissolve. Cut the clip somewhere in the middle, then swap the sections on the timeline. There will now be a jump cut in the middle of the clip, but the loop from the end to the beginning will be perfect.

And looping options, make sure says forever. And all you have to do is save it. And Premiere Pro. And it is a 4K clip. And I know I want to post this on Instagram feed. So I created a custom sequence. And it is in Instagram full screen, by And I say keep existing settings.

And I can see I need to scale it down and come up to my effects controls. And come to scale. And just bring this down so that it fits. So now I want to duplicate my clip, hold down alt and drag up in. My clip is duplicated. We need to look for an endpoint and an outpoint. I think I might want to start it right there and then take both my clips in. I want to look for the point where I stopped pouring my coffee some where around here looks pretty steady, make my timeline a little bigger here so we can see.

So the reason I just did that was because I want a loop. So now we need to apply an effect. So in effect, panel, come over here to video transitions, dissolve and cross, dissolve, or you can just search for cross dissolve, up here. I am going to adjust it so that it is a little bit shorter on that top track. And I see that a little bit better. You can see that fade right there. So now this is where our loop is going to end. So in hit C.

And you can see a little bit of a dissolve there. And with that top layer selected, going to right click and go towards his frame, hold options. Nothing is moving. So we need to mask out that area of the coffee. Click on the pen tool and you can mask out here. And you can move your mask if you need to. Also, you can come over here to your mask, feathering and increase this a little bit and make it For placing an image in this software, just open the folder where you have saved it, then pick it from there with the mouse button, then drop it in the display window area of this software by releasing the mouse button.

Step 3: Now click on the checkmark button, which is at the property bar of this image, for placing it at your desired place in the display window area. Step 4: Now, I will take a video effect of fire; you can take any other effect according to your image for making a cinemagraph effect with it. I have downloaded it from the internet. You can take your own or downloaded it from the internet. For placing video footage, go to the folder where you have saved your effect, then pick it from there with the mouse button, then drop it in the new document of this software by releasing the mouse button.

Step 5: Now click on the Window menu of the menu bar of this software which is at the top of the working screen of this software.

Once you click on this menu, a drop-down list will be open. Click on the Timeline option of this list for opening the timeline panel in our video footage window. Step 6: Now click on Create video option of the timeline panel with the mouse button, and the frame of your video footage will open in this section. You can drag the play head of the video effect at your desired place of fire motion effect for any particular area of fire effect choosing it.

Step 7: Now drag this video footage to the image tab of this software for placing it on our image with the help of a mouse button like this. Step 8: Now, it will place like this on our image. You should barely notice it — if at all. If something unexpectedly strays into the masked area while your video plays, trim the V2 clip and accompanying V1 static frame so your playable portion prevents this from happening.

To test the final look of the animated GIF, open it in your web browser. To reduce the file size, which may be quite large, consider trimming the length of your sequence in the Timeline panel or reducing the area of the masked portion in the Program Monitor so it contains the bare minimum of motion to achieve your cinemagraph effect. Lowering the render size and frame rate in the Video tab of the Export Settings dialog box will also help. With Adobe Stock, you have access to more than million high-quality, royalty-free images including photos, graphics, videos, and templates to jump-start your creative projects.

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