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Message 7 of Generating a request code is iey first step in the process of manually activating your Autodesk software. Unknown 3 April Patchfreepc 6 Januari


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This document describes known limitations, issues and fixes in Autodesk Maya Service Pack 3. It is strongly recommended that you read this document before you install this release. For reference, you should save this readme to your hard drive or print a copy. For complete instructions about uninstalling and installing this product see: Maya Installation Help. To learn about new features in this release see: What’s New in Maya. For complete documentation and resources, see: www.

For certified hardware, see: www. For more Maya Support, see: www. Fixes included in this release are detailed in the following list containing bug numbers and corresponding descriptions. Additional Resources. For complete instructions about uninstalling and installing this product see: Maya Installation Help To learn about new features in this release see: What’s New in Maya For complete documentation and resources, see: www.

What’s Fixed? Bug Number. Animation Character. Fixed an issue with blendShape DG evaluation. Animation General. Skinning : some vertices change position after skinning.

GraphEditor : file will not save after changing keys in graph editor. Collider : full DAG name not recognized, causing name clashing. Bifrost : Address overwriting user caches. Fixed an issue with libc. Update to OpenSSL 1. Speed up Maya patch install time.

Fixed the initial delay before first image when progressive rendering. GPU cache deforming animation does not change during batch rendering. Remove the little white frame when progressive rendering. Multiple Representation. Fixed a crash when opening a legacy scene with mental ray area light. MPxShaderOverride not always consolidating. Transparent instances are being drawn twice in the legacy pipeline.

Fixed an issue with soft selection not working on guides. Due to limitations in the viewport and some missing libraries, the viewport mesh shader will not resemble the MR render for the bifrostLiquidMaterial.

Vorticity is not supported in the viewport and diffuse weight remap is handled differently. The default value of 0.

Workaround : To generate voxels, either lower the Master Voxel Size or increase the size of the sphere. Bifrost scene is getting evaluated over and over during batch render when runup is enabled.

Workaround: Disable Runup. Bifrost: Separate thickness required for shell and solid. The default thickness for an emitter is 0.

This is good for a solid but for a shell it produces no results. Must be at least set to 1. For colliders, the default thickness is set to 1.

This is fine for solids, but for shells, even at high resolutions this results in penetrating liquids. It must at least be set to 2. Bifrost: Resulting Simulation motion seems incorrect and seems due to Collision objects Conversion Thickness. Fluid will react with a surface tension type behavior even when stickiness is set to zero.

Bifrost: Interior Particle Density requires a hard set minimum limit of 1. Currently, setting keys attributes found on the bifrostLiquidContainer is not a supported workflow. The default maximum particle viewport display number is set to 1 million.

This creates repetitive looking patterns for higher resolution simulations. Respecting the limits of your graphics card, you can increase the number for a more accurate representation of the simulation. Certain mesh colliders will crash Maya.

Self-intersecting attached mesh will fail to emit Bifrost particles. Cache Representation – Alembic. Alembic cache exported by Alembic 1. This is a forward compatibility problem. Alembic only maintains backward compatibility, but not forward compatibility.

Cache Representation – Baked Geometry. Maya will crash during Windows remote desktop session if you try and import a gpu cache. Workaround : 1. On the host system, set Viewport 2. You cannot do this using the client. Access Maya on the host system using the client. OSX This will bring the OSX work spaces behavior back to the way it was before Workaround : Another type of mouse should be used. Install fails on a clean Windows 8 computer with a message about an internet connection Workaround : in windows command shell cmd.

NET 3. Scene Assembly nodes do not handle file reference representations well if they have proxies. The Attribute Editor’s texture sample preview will show a broken swatch icon red X when loading a Scene Assembly containing an object with a texture. Workaround : Leave it un-previewed.

The currently active tool move, rotate, scale, etc Attempting to open the Namespace Editor on a complex Scene Assembly scene ‘s – 10,’s of objects will hang Maya for an undetermined period of time until the Namespace contents have been loaded.

Namespace Editor workflows are not recommended for complex Scene Assembly Scenes. Attaching a Scene Assembly scene file representation to a motion path is not currently supported. Blend shapes fails to function when used to create Blends between Assembly members and other objects. Set Driven Key workflows are not currently supported when the Scene Assembly scene representation object is used as driver. Character sets is not supported by Scene Assembly. Deleting anim curves connected to a SA reference may produces incorrect edits.

Un-parenting representation from Assembly Reference node will display the un-parented node twice in the outliner. When the Double Sided Lighting option under the DirectX 11 Shader Attribute Editor is enabled, backfacing polygons caused by negative scaling may turn black.

Workaround : You should reverse normals after scaling negatively. When running the scene view in overlay render mode, you may not be able to override your renderer. For example, when running the marqueeTool from the devkit, when the marqueeTool plug-in is executed, you enter into overlay render mode. If you then try to override your renderer by switching to a custom renderer via the Renderer menu , the heads up display still indicate Viewport 2.

To work around this issue, refresh the scene view by tumbling the camera. The saveImage command does not work as expected for shaded objects. To workaround this problem, you can execute the following script to take a snapshot of the current scene view and save it as a endSnap.

This workaround can be used for both the default viewport and Viewport 2. When depth peeling is chosen as the transparency algorithm for Viewport 2. For scenes with nCloth, if you execute the following commands multiple times: 1. When both backface culling and GPU instancing is on, negative-scaled objects may show inconsistent culling result in VP2. Older drivers for M may crash Maya. Workaround : Please update to a newer driver. Scripting Python. Workaround : 1 Initialize the Maya environment within mayapy.

Whatever you set it to will be used by by os. UI Architecture. The Ctrl-W hotkey cannot be assigned to Maya functions.


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